Happy Halloweeeee~n....!!!

Happy Halloween from NaNa & the Happy Cats!!

Yes..., i made a really stupid video....

NaNa & the Happy Cats ( www.facebook.com/NaNatheHappyCat ) covered a Jew Cocks ( www.facebook.com/JewCocks )Halloween theme song " Who's Touching you? " I think the original is still the best...!!!

I thought i got a great music video idea for this cover. But Everybody's so busy this season.... and had to do everything by myself... I recorded the song and shot a video and edited it by myself using just my iphone.... So, it didnt come out as good as i expected.... Oh well...., i just needed something for the NaNa & the Happy Cats facebook page.....

Hope you'll Enjoy it...Happy Halloween... Meowww~.....

more better stuff is coming up soooon @ www.nanathenutsgirl.com or www.facebook.com/NaNatheHappyCat


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