Busy Buys Busy... Like Everybody..... I hate Holidays.....

It's been a busy weekend..... I was on the Funny or Die set yesterday as an Extra trying to help out my friend... But ended up having the unexpected 2 amazing lines which were talking about my 2 favorite Japanese and American Cartoons!!! Can it get any better...??

And then, i headed to sunland to record the part of the NaNa & The Happy Cats' Holiday song for the show tonight at Steve Allen Theatre for Ron Lynch's " TOMORROW ! " at midnight...!! Well..., actually tomorrow.... Stop by insted of going to 2nd or 3rd bar....!!!

The next couple of weeks gona be more busier.... New Happy Cats' Videos and new shows and Stupid Holidays.... I hate Holidays.....

Happy Holidays, America.....

Love & Rock



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