Ron Lynch's "TOMORROW!" with guest co-host DAVE HIGGINS!

Why everything aaaaalways happens at the same time when im busy...... My dear friend is in town and im a real Nanny NaNa Now and i have an important meeting with a manager today..... and on the top of that..., i have to rehearse my new material for tonight.... Ahahhahahahah!!!!! NaNa & the Happy Cats' first show of 2014!!!! Is TOMORROW!!!! Its at midnight tonight. Well.., technically TOMORROW.... after the NaNa the Nanny gig..... Really.... Come stop by instead of going to 2nd, 3rd bar and get a DUI like Bieber the Believer... Ron Lynch's "TOMORROW!" with guest co-host DAVE HIGGINS! Steve Allen Theater (4773 Hollywood Blvd) Midnight


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