This April was full of fun,surprises & germs......

I usualy hate April.... Because its my birthday month..... and usualy.., its really bad.....

But this year was bit diffrent.

Surprisingly i booked 2 commercial gigs....!! I can't still tell you what they are... But should be out soon. hopefully.....

And i did 2 very fun stand-up shows in one day! Happy Contest Time & BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! !!

Even though i was in a middle of a busy mess and so unorganized..., as usual..., both of the shows went very well and i had such a blaaaaast!! im sure im doing these shows very soon! So, stay tuned for more up coming shows...!!!;)

And and...., I had a really nice birthday with my close friends. One day at my happiest place on the Earth, Magic Castle! and one day at Jewel City Bowl!! I also recieved a box of parsely from my parents...!!!

And and and......, I got very sick for a week..... the combination of the body ache from a bad cold and the sore arms & legs from the bowling were not pretty at all....

And and and......, the end of this month, today I got a very first fan email through this website....!!!! FAN MAIL!!!!!

Well...., i felt like i did moths & months of work in a month..... I hope i can keep it up next moth....

Right now...., Im just full of joy and tiredness.... Im very thankful for my parents, my friends and my manager!!!

More & more shows & changes are coming on the the way! Stay tuned!!

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