NaNa & the Happy Cats first review, ya'll!!!(=^0^=)

happ cats and cats.jpg
3 shows, 7 auditions, 2 callbacks and the Halloween..... my last couple of weeks were CRAZY! and now i am recovering from a cold..... (T_T)

Well...., it was good and bad... But my hightlight of this craziness was definitely Catopia : A night of esoteric and mystic cat entertainment @ Steve Allen theatre last Wednesday! NaNa & the Happy Cats did a full-on-cat set with a packed audience who were totally supportive and met a bunch of cute cats!! I totally had a MEOW!!! Blast....

And here's the first review on Happy Cats!!!

" there was a Real Life Hello Kitty in the form of a comedic Japanese rapper. Her rap game almost put Cibo Matto to shame, though her singing was a little off and sounded more like... Yoko Ono? "

Full review on the show :

My performance made him say Cibo Matto & Yoko Ono these two names!!?? Whether this means good or bad....., this is the beast compliment that ive got so far!!! Arigato!!!!(=^0^=)

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